Marriage? An art…

Dear K,

It’s been a while since I have done this, shared my feelings. I must warn you, this will not necessarily be insightful.

Lately the topic of marriage has been coming up with my friends. Frankly, I don’t understand why when none of us is over 20 but still, it has come up. Those who know me know that I don’t fancy a wedding because I am not planning on getting married. This all stared when I saw the rising number of divorce rates (this was in 2010-2011 it could be decreasing now). But that is not why I am firm on my decision not to marry the reason I am not following tradition is simply because the idea of love eludes me. The idea that I can open up myself to someone else fully like I did with you, with no reserve, quite frankly it scares me. I look at love as a weakness, *please don’t stone me*. Who wants to be weak?! I am not saying marriage is a bad thing, actually marriage is a beautiful thing. It is an art when both parties are truly in love but that’s just it, being in love is an art and not everyone can create it so why would I want to be in a marriage where there is no pure form of art because I feel that love is not for everyone most importantly I feel that love is not for me anymore.

Many may say this is such a sad idea but I am content, no really I am. Then again I am 19, I could be laughing this off in 10… maybe 5 years.


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