It’s Not my fault!

Dear K,

Lately a lot of changes have been happening and as I was adapting to them or becoming aware of them I realised it is not my fault. As I am discovering myself I am accepting that the world does not revolve around me and if I stop being self-centered I will find the root of the problem.

Like the fact that the first flat I stayed in when I came here did not work out, that was not my fault. One of the girls there is just IMPOSSIBLE to live with. I’ll tell you about her later.

But one week after finding out about your new situation, I have ignored it and hoped it would all be a lie but now that I have thought about it, the fact that our relationship was painful was not my fault. Obviously your heart was not in it, I may have been giving my all but you were not giving anything at all. However I am mad at you now my love, you made me feel guilty for bringing us apart but it was never really because of me. If only you were honest with me.

Now, this does not mean that the root of the problem is always someone else like Faith in the flat or you in our relationship but I cannot keep burdening myself with all the problems that arise because most likely it is not my fault.


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