The Foundation

Dear K,

I am currently listening to Jhene Aiko, do you know how that is depressing considering our relationship. I feel like she is talking about us. Just a second let me change to Frank Ocean.

How are you? The wife? The kids?

The other day I tried helping my friend see the relevance of having a good relationship with his mum and it hit me, I am giving people advice but I was in the same position 2 years ago and then something happened and now mummy and I are like bestys (I miss her). Anyway my point is after my mum and I created a relationship life started making sense. Once I begin to accept that mama knows best these little challenges are easy to get through. The only problem is that I don’t have that kind of relationship with my dad but we are working in it. He tries to do little things to make me draw in closer, it is very sweet now that I think about it. Whilst I was reflecting on the importance of relationships with parents I came to the conclusion that I will always have attachment and commitment issues in my relationships if I do not fully connect with my parents. You see your parents are your first friends. When you were a baby and you are hungry, you cry to your mum. When you are hurt you run to your parents. when you can’t sleep you call your parents. I feel like if I don’t maintain my friendship with my parents then I will have problems maintaining the friendships I have built now. Most of the friends I made after getting to a better place with my parents are still strong but the ones I made before are slowly starting to crumble. So is my theory right? Or is it just coincidence? Anyway, keep this in mind love, maintain the friendship with your stepson and step-daughter, it will help them in the adolescence stage of life.

I have to go clean up now, it’s been a bad week. Until later my love, say hi to the wife and kids.



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