The Community… My Community

Dear K,

Good morning. I hope you went to church today?!

As a usual routine I woke up to check my twitter first, there is this guy (@Freddie_UK) who made a joke (Breaking News: A tornado hits one house in Kenya, kills 743). Obviously #KOT did not take that joke too nicely and it’s been I think 3 hours and the guy is still receiving insults. The thing is he is responding, I mean why respond. Anyway, as I was in bed laughing at the exchange between this fool and #KOT I realised how strong our community is. Maybe it is an African thing, because remember the UK mama who said she will get AIDS just from touching a black person in SA, that woman was ATTACKED. I miss that. The feeling that we are a family. One thing I don’t like about this place is I don’t feel a sense of community like I do at home. Maybe I have not been here long enough and I am quick to judge but even the way people walk around these streets it is kind of… cold. Even in the midst of the tribalism war in our country you never miss the sens of community! This has to go way back to our great grand parents and them. While our elders were coming together their elders were enslaving us. What sense of togetherness do you get when you are fighting for power? I do hope our country does not get to that point because what I have also noticed is that in our country our leaders are beginning to forget the meaning of community as they are over-taken by power.

Anyway at the end of the day, I am proud of this country.



Say hello to the wife and kids. x

Song of the blog: Listen to KooKoo by Elani


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