Are we our own downfall?

Dear K,

I am sorry for the silence. There have been many times I have wanted to drop everything and just write to you but as you can imagine it is not as simple.

I am preparing to go to Glasgow this weekend! It is finally here, I am so excited. However I will brag about that later. How are you? The family? I am okay just broke. I am literally missing meals. SMH. And I get myself into these situations all the time but somehow I never learn.

There was a situation is uni that forced real issues to be brought up. I hang around a lot of Arabs. They are all Muslim and so their culture is obviously different, but there are people in my class who just do not understand that. They are African and it disappoints me at how narrow minded they are. These are the reasons that our continent will not develop, we do not itch to know about the other cultures, we do not ache to see how the other side live. Someone once said that it is hard to help a woman who lives in poverty because to them poverty is all they know. When you have been brought up with restricted dreams this is what happens. The bad voices that tell you that you were born in poverty and in poverty you will die.

I never realised how important education is in the development of  my country and my continenet until when I saw the girls in my class giggling about the Arabic Spring and refusing to understand the Arabic Culture, irregardless of how similar it is to their culture . Is this why there is always a religious war in Nigeria, because no one is willing to listen to each other? Is this why tribalism in our country is growing, because people are not educated on how much the power of one can do. Africans are selfish. If it not their way… my way, it is the wrong way. This will be the death of our economies. When will leaders who stand for development as a country stand up?! When will someone who trully cares about the needs of ALL the people rise. I think of the babies yet to come and I worry, what kind of world will they grow up in?

They way I see it, where we have gotten to we can only go up are crumble. We’re hanging on thin thread and the ball is in our court. Us the EDUCATED leaders of tomorrow.

Do say hello to the kids 😀

Song of the blog: Nai ni ya nani- MDQ


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