And that’s the Treuth.

Dear K,

How are you love? How was your weekend fishing?

I had the best weekend ever as you can imagine. It feels like it was surreal. I still don’t believe that it happened. I keep waiting to wake up.

Anyway, I got the chance to talk to Treu. Actually when I was going for my photo he stopped and asked “What do I need to do to make the boys have the hunger? To have the spirit to push themselves. I see it with the runners but why not in team sports. I want them to play to their full potential, that (game against Canada) was not it. You cannot tell me that this weekend they played to their full potential” Graham and Treu looked genuinely defeated.

I agree, watching that game my friends and I kept asking ourselves “what is that?! What are we doing?”. We can do better. We beat South Afriaca so obviously we can do better, I just don’t understand why the boys don’t believe in themselves like we do. People were saying that the boys need to eat, drink, sleep, together. They need to eat, sleep drink rugby. They need to be a team and stop being the Kenyan Rugby team and be a rugby team!! We keep saying, “Well done boys” even when they are not doing well. I get building them up is necessary but also when we are saying “great defence tackle by the boys” and we are losing 21-5, that is not realistic. They need to know that we expect their best from them ALWAYS. They cannot pick and choose when to be amazing and when to be average! We are not an average team they need to stop portraying us as one. I must say I am disappointed with the boys this weekend. Especially after watching them against RSA, I now know what they are capable of and that just means that the disappointment of not winning the plate or even of not making the finals is deeper. People blame Treu and talk about wanting Friday back but at the end of the day it’s not Treu playing in the field.


All in all this was the best weekend ever! Made new friends and had the chance to hit my jackpot. Next round London 7s! I’m about to make this a ritual.


Song of the blog: Uliza Kiatu by H_art the band.


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