What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Dear K,

I am having a bloggers block. Is that possible?

Ooh, how rude of me. How are you? It has been a while, I know. So what is new? The kids? Wife?

So I asked WordPress to inspire me, because as I said I am having bloggers block, (Haaha, I like how I am referring to myself as a blogger.) and they suggested to write about an experience that completely changed my life but I cannot think of one. I believe every experience changes your life in different ways, so I will just choose one that happened recently.

Auguste had a friend over and as part of showing her round Bristol she took her, Mikey and I up Cabot Tower. The reason why this changed my life is that up there, in the silence, in the cold and looking on one of the most beautiful views of Bristol, I felt at home. I fell in love with Bristol.

I was at ease. I have not felt that amount of peace since I came here. It was great, satisfying even. Ever since I have been viewing everything different. I am dealing with situations different. Don’t get too excited, I still feel a little lost but at least it is not as bad as before. It is something that can be handled. Anywhere can be made home, it depends on you and to some level the people. I have the people and I have worked on myself so guess what, BRISTOL IS MY NEW HOME. Yes, Kenya is in me, it is my heritage, it is who I am meaning it will always be my first choice, my number one home but BRISTOL has become home. 

This is huge for me. I have attachment issues you know, I am always comparing everything to Ngumo. This is because I have lived there all my life, I don’t know anything different, well now I do and now I am not too afraid of change like I was. Like I said, I view things differently now. Change is good, it allows for you to change for the better and grow. So now I am growing up to be someone even I didn’t think I could be (I mean in a good way) because I embraced the change and accepted it. I allowed myself to settle and accept that this is home.

Anyway I a now going to have a girls day out with Fatma, so later! Good luck job hunting.

Say hello to the wife and kids.

Song of the Blog: Jana Usiku- Elani


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