Dear K.

How is everything going? I hope your grammar is improving 😉

It was my birthday the other day and so I decided to share what I have learned in the past 2 decades.

1 year: New things are exciting to everyone…

2 years: When you are screaming and shouting all the time people get bored and stop listening.

3 years: There are people out there who think like you.

4 years: Your words, use them.

5 years: Boys and girls are different.

6 years: People move on. The world moves on. With or without you.

7 years: One door closes another opens.

8 years: Change is hard at first but give it time.

9 years: Different is not always bad.

10 years: You need to grow up.

11 years: The older you get the more freedom but also life gets harder.

12 years: If you try too hard to fit in you look like a fool.

13 years: Teenage is not as existing as they make it sound.

14 years: Responsibilities. Responsibilities. Responsibilities.

15 years: There is always a way out.

16 years: There is God then there is religion.

17 years: Once in a while you will get 2nd chances.

18 years: Friends are family you choose, so be wise about it.

19 years: People will treat you how you let them. Be firm. Be strong but also be sympathetic.

20 years: Forgive but do not forget. It is only in forgiving that you can move on.

Happy Birthday to me.

Song of the blog: Faded- Adele O



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