Who do you say I am?

Dear K,

Do you think Christ minds if I use his line? But it is because of him that this question is looming on my mind. You see this was the reading today and as Catholic culture the priest gives a homily after. He started by asking “who do you descibe me to be?” So I am now asking you; who do you say Stephanie is?

Am I Stephanie Rose the kid who came up with lies day after day just to fit in?

Am I Stephanie, the teenager who is always jumpy and not settled. The girl who does not know what she wants.

Am I babe/baby the girl who seems desperate and easy to take advantage of.

Am I Steph the friend who trys to always be there for you. Harsh and mean but will always do her best to make you happy.

Am I Rose the twitter smallwig that has a marriage partner and talks about F1 and Rugby all weekend long.

Am I Stephanie-Rose the girl who is slowly discovering herself and beginning to crack out of her shell that she has been hiding in all these years. My mum says it is my self-esteem but you know… mothers.

I am still trying to figure out what to say I am. The priest futher said “I may know some things about myself but there are some things I need you to tell me.”

So I am asking you, Who do you say I am?




  1. You are a strong beautiful lady destined to succeed. You are the girl who helped me get through high school… you are the girl who was and is loyal to her friends. You are everything that good in the world.

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