Social Media Chronicles

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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

This list was so much fun to compile simply because of how relevant it is in todays technocentric world; more so for recovering social media junkies like myself!

Ten situations that will reveal how dominant social media is in your life:

1. When you find yourself using internet lingo in face to face conversations e.g. after someone cracks a joke and you unknowingly respond  “LOL”. Or when a blast from the past plays on the radio and you’re like “aaahh…TBT” (and it ain’t even Thursday) 😀

2. When you go to a restaurant and notice how the dining procedure has changed. It used to consist of waiting, fork and knife in hand as you watch the food being brought from the kitchen and even before it’s properly placed on the table, you have had your first bite. Nowadays, you are not doing it right if you don’t first take a…

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