Dear Charles,

Hey šŸ™‚

 Charles šŸ˜˜

Let me start by apologizing for my recent behaviour. I could use the excuse that I was trying to build our friendship but in truth I was being selfish. I wasn’t a very good friend to you either. I thought I was saving you. I thought I was pulling you up. But instead I was just being selfish. You told me to hold on, that it gets better…

Many things are racing through my mind. I think 4 years isn’t enough. But neither would 11, or 8. To be honest there is not enough number of years that I would have been satisfied with having you in my life. You shine a light so bright and illuminated my world. It was not just through your voice; which was so smooth melted through me like butter, which is also what led me to you actually, or your charm which always made me love you even more because you always knew what to say, even when I was mad at you which would never be for long šŸ™„ or your smile which you blessed me with Every. Single. Time. Or your ability to always bring joy to the room especially with your jokes and word play. It was who you are Charles, that made me so happy to call you a friend, makes me feel so blessed to have you in my life. 

I have so many memories. Some happy, some sad but mostly happy. But my favourite will have to be that night, where you sang for me and we talked. All Night. You made me feel special, you always knew how to do that, to make me feel appreciated in your life through the small acts and little things. I hope I made you feel the same because;

Charles you are a gem. One so rare and unique. There is definitely no one out there like you and there is definitely no friendship I could form out there like I had with you. You made it special. It will always be special, because even in death you are my friend. You are my favourite. And I will always be your biggest  fan. Always rooting for you. 

You are where you belong. Singing with the Angels. And you will always be in my heart. In that special place you made for yourself. I love you, I didn’t say it enough, but I love you more than I can describe. I miss you already. 

Like I said, it’s your turn to take care of me and guide me. You know I need you. šŸ˜˜


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