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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

This list was so much fun to compile simply because of how relevant it is in todays technocentric world; more so for recovering social media junkies like myself!

Ten situations that will reveal how dominant social media is in your life:

1. When you find yourself using internet lingo in face to face conversations e.g. after someone cracks a joke and you unknowingly respond  “LOL”. Or when a blast from the past plays on the radio and you’re like “aaahh…TBT” (and it ain’t even Thursday) 😀

2. When you go to a restaurant and notice how the dining procedure has changed. It used to consist of waiting, fork and knife in hand as you watch the food being brought from the kitchen and even before it’s properly placed on the table, you have had your first bite. Nowadays, you are not doing it right if you don’t first take a…

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Why we lose friends in our 20s…



*some Emeli Sande to serenade your hearts and minds perhaps?*

I remember when I wrote 10 things every 20-something girl should know and how you, my amazing readers, thought that it was an interesting read.

Well here’s another one of those list thingamajigs my lovelies.

Hello my darlings.

Have I missed simply talking to you? YES.

Have I missed ranting and raving about anything and everything? YES.

Have I missed the love an affection that comes with writing to an audience that is not in my line of sight? HELL YEAH!!!

So let’s get to it then, shall we?


(I insist on 20s because it’s at this stage of growth that we realize that well…life happens and people happen as well.)


1. People change.

Everyone including yourself is changing; actually growing up. In this age-decade, we really…

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Love Letter

This is beautiful!!

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Self love.

At some point in our lives, this tends to be a struggle. For whatever reason, it gets hard to look in yourself without attacking, critiquing or bashing something about you. Your self love is blurred by a cloud of comparison and discontent of the state of your being. And it is nothing to be ashamed of because it’s just part of the process. It’s the part of growing up which truly reveals who we are while giving us the opportunity to rebuild who we want to be. The key is to avoid burying a hole so deep of self disdain that coming out of it is almost impossible or is tougher than it should be. In celebration of turning 21, my entry today is something that I would share with my 18 year old self given the chance.

Dear Me-at-18,

You are beautiful.

You are more than enough.


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Who do you say I am?

Dear K,

Do you think Christ minds if I use his line? But it is because of him that this question is looming on my mind. You see this was the reading today and as Catholic culture the priest gives a homily after. He started by asking “who do you descibe me to be?” So I am now asking you; who do you say Stephanie is?

Am I Stephanie Rose the kid who came up with lies day after day just to fit in?

Am I Stephanie, the teenager who is always jumpy and not settled. The girl who does not know what she wants.

Am I babe/baby the girl who seems desperate and easy to take advantage of.

Am I Steph the friend who trys to always be there for you. Harsh and mean but will always do her best to make you happy.

Am I Rose the twitter smallwig that has a marriage partner and talks about F1 and Rugby all weekend long.

Am I Stephanie-Rose the girl who is slowly discovering herself and beginning to crack out of her shell that she has been hiding in all these years. My mum says it is my self-esteem but you know… mothers.

I am still trying to figure out what to say I am. The priest futher said “I may know some things about myself but there are some things I need you to tell me.”

So I am asking you, Who do you say I am?



Dear K.

How is everything going? I hope your grammar is improving 😉

It was my birthday the other day and so I decided to share what I have learned in the past 2 decades.

1 year: New things are exciting to everyone…

2 years: When you are screaming and shouting all the time people get bored and stop listening.

3 years: There are people out there who think like you.

4 years: Your words, use them.

5 years: Boys and girls are different.

6 years: People move on. The world moves on. With or without you.

7 years: One door closes another opens.

8 years: Change is hard at first but give it time.

9 years: Different is not always bad.

10 years: You need to grow up.

11 years: The older you get the more freedom but also life gets harder.

12 years: If you try too hard to fit in you look like a fool.

13 years: Teenage is not as existing as they make it sound.

14 years: Responsibilities. Responsibilities. Responsibilities.

15 years: There is always a way out.

16 years: There is God then there is religion.

17 years: Once in a while you will get 2nd chances.

18 years: Friends are family you choose, so be wise about it.

19 years: People will treat you how you let them. Be firm. Be strong but also be sympathetic.

20 years: Forgive but do not forget. It is only in forgiving that you can move on.

Happy Birthday to me.

Song of the blog: Faded- Adele O


I am Tribalist

Dear K,

I have come to realise I am tribalist.

Hold your horses, I want you to forget the negative connotation that you have with that word and open your mind and consequently your heart to what I am about to say. Plus tribalist is not an English word apparently so embrace this new word.

I say I am tribalist because my mother tongue is what defines me.

It is seen in my body. The shape and curves that my mother blessed me with. The body that everyone comments on. The reason that many call me Adhiambo C… Connect the dots. (I am not trying to brag, I am merely making a point). These are statement that often I relate to my tribe and I take joy from that.

It is heard in our speech. This is the part where I say luo is a dialect that even the queen understands. LOL. No but seriously, Luo is possibly the coolest language. The way it sounds is beautiful. Like poetry. I often enjoy listening to the elders speak it because with the proper pronunciation and grammar it sounds lovely.

It is experienced from the way I carry myself. Now many say ‘ujaluo itakua’ because we are known for our pride. Our pride that leads to us only wanting the best. I look at it this way, it is that pride that makes me work hard so I can get the best because I cannot imagine a life where I know I can do better and get better. Just to be clear my best and better does not mean a house in Runda driving a X6.

It is from the traditions. The little things that keep the dignity and respect not only for my elders but for my brothers and sisters. This culture that we live that makes our celebrations from marriage to burial vibrant. Now the use of vibrant and burial may seem wrong but even in the lowest moment of our lives you see some colour.

Do you get what I mean?

But this does not mean I am discriminatory to other tribes, on the contrary it makes me want to experience more. So I want to know

I am tribalist, are you?


Say hello to the wife and kids 😀

Song of the blog: Kisumu-Suzzana Owiyo